Let’s all pick on the new kid…
Welcome to the fold, CHRIS.
He likes to play guitar and sing. He also likes Croquet, going for brisk strolls and very much enjoys afternoon tea.
More news for 2015…
Next month we head into a very posh studio to record a brand new E.P. We always self record usually, but thought we’d do it in a proper studio this time. And we reckon it’ll sound awesome!
This year marks our 10th anniversary (Easter to be precise). We’re thinking about doing a big anniversary celebration gig… Then again, we might just go out and get smashed instead.
22/03/13 Our new E.P ‘Fisting party’ is now available for free download-
Best not to play it in the presence of children- unless you’re off  ’Shameless’ or something…
Having a bit of a rest from gigs now while we write the new album… but we’ll probably pop up at the odd gig here and there when we get bored! In the meantime we’ve added some more pics to our gallery page…
We’re delighted to have been announced as support for Rage Against the Machine tribute ENRAGED, at the Snowgoose Live in Macc on Saturday 8th December!
Tickets £7 advance from the Snowgoose, or £9 on the door. Gonna be a great one!
Tickets are now available for our gig supporting Sham 69 in Crewe!
If you’re interested please email us on info@cash4chaos.co.uk
Welly Fest was awesome, read the final part of the blog here!


Check out our new big- budget video, it cost a bomb!

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